Book, Lyrics, and Music by:
AZooNY (Richard Rinehart)

Choreography by:
Brian Murphy

Illustrations by:
Joshua Peters

Outerstellar 3D Modeling:

Eric Mindek,
Interstellar Bit Pusher:

Paul Catalano

Published by Back To The Beat Music

By day Rich “AZooNY” Rinehart is a Manager of Computational Sciences and Emerging Technologies for DB Consulting at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland Ohio specializing in Virtual Reality or really anything that’s a cool way to visualize or experience something.  By night he spends his time as a singer/songwriter, composer, producer, and multimedia specialist.

AZooNY in Glasgow

A scene in Glasgow from the AZooNY “Shed My Night” video

Musically, he has composed three symphonies, numerous soundtracks for video, and has most recently released his third CD, an Alternative Rock production of original music entitled Nuts under the artist name “AZooNY”. He is also President of the Grammy Award Winning Cleveland Chamber Symphony and Vice-President of Cleveland’s Verb Ballets, Northeast Ohio’s leading contemporary dance company. To date Verb has choreographed and danced to four of his musical creations. Rich states: “I love new music. But I also feel in this time of shortened attention spans, new music audiences need to be fully engaged and entertained via multimedia or interesting combinations of performance elements to stimulate both the eyes and ears.”

Dreaming of home Dreeson sings “Shed My Night” while in flight to Mars
Verb Ballets tossing scripts in NUTS video

Verb Ballets in the AZooNY “Nuts” production

In his current Mars Opera play with music project, Rich inserts new technology into the show production, an element sure to capture tech-savvy and young audiences. “I want to keep the technological demands on the production staff to a minimal, but it does require a technological awareness not usually employed in traditional theater”.  Rich is also a big fan of outer-space (obviously) and an even bigger fan of Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  “My wit is much like the zaniness in Hitchhiker’s, so expect similar results within my Mars Opera:-).”

AZooNY Nuts CDA love for science and the arts combined with a good dosing of comedy has guided the creation of his Mars Opera. “My Mars Opera has it all: dance, science, social media, symphonic and rock-n-roll music, space aliens, and all in a light-hearted and comical presentation.”  There’s also a bit of fun-natured cometary on us Earthlings and our planet.  “But nothing to cause much of a galactical fuss about.”


Well, it’s not a blast to use like a Bucky-Ball-Battering-Bat. Or a Quantum modulator paddle that is both here and there at the same time. Or even an iStaff with a Galactical service coverage plan. It’s a gun that defies all relative relatively models and picks up steam, or whatever else is actually out there, within the 5th dimension. —Ballo