Mars Opera Cast & Production

For a cast of 10 plus chorus/dancers.
CHARACTERS in order of entry:

Mars Opera Mission Control

Mission Control examining an image taken by a “malfunctioning” Mars Rover-prober

ANNOUNCER:  O.S., male, theme park ride-like and radio announcer voice
N1:  male, Mission Control Commander, forceful, in charge of things
N2:  male, Mission Control Scientist
DREESON: 30s, Tenor, likeable, an “almost” great leader, British air to him
GALLA: 20s, Soprano, intellectual, confident, eager to go on mission
JILL:  O.S., female, sexy autopilot voice
M1, M2: MARTIANS, i.e., inquisitive, playful, elf-like
M3:  Same as M1 and M2 but with more mischief
DANCERS:  Cast as Martians and other colorful space aliens
NYA: 40s, Mezzo, an Empress figure, comically eccentric, likeable, slight language translation barrier, a practical joker
PLANKCÁ: NYA’s male assistant
BALLO:  Bass, Zen-like, hidden greatness in front of a hippie persona
DM1,2&3:  Inhabitants of the land of Dark Matter
Giant Worm:  If we told you any more, it would ruin the fun:-)

SCENE 1: Mission Control with a video projection from Mars
SCENE 2: Spaceship in flight
SCENE 3: Mars surface with Rover-prober and N1 & N2 at mission control at STAGE side
SCENE 4: Mars surface with Rover
SCENE 5: A non-distinct alien galaxy setting


SCENE 1: Balloon Land with reachable floating balloons tied to the ground
SCENE 2: Nya’s spaceship in flight
SCENE 3: Dark Matter Land
SCENE 4: A non-distinct alien planetary setting
SCENE 5: Mars surface with Rover-prober and N1 & N2 at mission control at STAGE side
SCENE 6: Mission Control with spaceship

No Earth-located performances are yet scheduled as the finishing touches are being made to the script and score.   Pieces, parts are currently being tested and recorded.

“We’re always having trouble with our Mars Rover-probers. What’s with that planet? It just doesn’t want to be uncovered.” –Mission Control Commander


Bass Michael McMurray demos BALLO

Bass Michael McMurray tests out BALLO on the helium rich atmosphere of Balloon Land

“. . . it’s important as we’re trying to reach out to understand the world around us. It’s so very critical to explore these dead planets to see what might be Earth’s fate some day.” –Galla (astronaut sent from Earth)


Mars Musical Rocket Ship Under Construction

Mars Opera Rocket Ship under rapid prototype construction



Mars Opera Augmented Reality - Rocket Ship on a Martian iPad

Mars Opera Augmented Reality (AR) – Rocket Ship on a Martian iPad:-)