Mars Rover-Prober Repair Mission Announced


(Launch Mission Control (LMC)) LMC announced today the selection of space travelers, Dreeson McCoy and Galla Dolite, for a mission to Mars to repair a previously launched Rover-prober.  This mission code named, The Following One, is to attempt a repair of the Rover-prober already on the Martian surface.  “We’re always having trouble with our Mars Rover-probers.  What’s with that planet?  It just doesn’t want to be uncovered [discovered],” stated an unidentified Launch Mission Controller.

The Rover-prober was working fine without a glitch “but then it [the Rover-prober] became totally and unexplainably un-responsive.  Almost as if it just… turned itself off,” stated a second unidentified Launch Mission Control specialist.  The repair of the intelligent life searching Rover-prober is the goal of this interplanetary mission.

LMC selected this crew due to their strong historical background in flight systems and repair. “We’re quite excited to be selected for this repair mission,” a gleeful Dreeson extorted.  “Yes, probe the probe sounds like it to me.  We’ll then be probe-probers,” added Galla.

The Following One mission is expected to last about a year, including travel time to and from the planet Mars.  “It’s important to reach out to understand the worlds around us” proclaimed Dreeson.  “It’s so very critical to explore these dead planets to see what might be Earth’s fate some day.”

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